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~presented for GLBT excellence on the Web~

The Rainbow Award is exclusively bestowed upon those Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgenders who have made a contribution to the GLBT Web community through excellence in content, design, creativity, presentation or overall concept of their Web page. All Web site submissions must either be in English or have an English version.


Congratulations to the January-March, 2005 and the September-December 2004 award winners. Out of 101 submissions, the Awards Committee chose 21 sites of excellence. If you submitted and were not selected, as work progresses on your site, please resubmit.

We are now accepting submissions for APRIL, 2005 consideration.

As an added bonus, new winners will be listed under the various Gay America directories.

The Rainbow Award which began in 1996, was transferred officially to GayAmerica.COM [AmbushOnLine.COM] on January 12, 1997. After careful consideration, Excalibur, founder of The Rainbow Award, chose AmbushOnLine.COM to continue this important project. With several of its sites as previous Rainbow winners, the AmbushOnLine.COM Awards Committee looks for the same excellence in nominees.

A special salute to Excalibur whose inspiration and confidence in the GLBT community will be the guiding force in the continuation of The Rainbow Award. Thank You! ...The AmbushOnLine.COM Web Team.

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