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Stephanie Williams
New Orleans Own...

Stephanie Williams Stephanie Williams is an entertainer who has worked throughout the United States from the Midwest to the West and South. She has been a cast member in many of the top clubs in the country and has a long list of accomplishments in the art of female impersonation.

She has won many competitions in female impersonation and has worked in theatrical films and appeared in numerous publications. Her most recent artistic accomplishment has been as a featured portrait subject of artist/photographer Judy Cooper.

The character illusions created by this entertainer are many. Among the favorites are Marilyn Monroe, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, and a host of comedy characters as Passion's Playtoy.

References available on request!

Stephanie is stretching her horizons. She was recently featured in HONEY VAN CAMPE'S cookbook THE DRAGQUEEN'S COOKBOOK & GUIDE TO SENSIBLE LIVING it is now on sale at all major bookstores.

She is also stretching her artistic horizons in 3 new shemales movies DOLLS WITH BALLS, TRANSSEXUAL PROSITUTES PART 6 , AND TRANSSEXUALS JAILEDUP. She soon will be in more so check your local adult video store. You can email Stephanie so you can check and see what movies are cumming up next.

Stephanie also hosts an amateur strip contest on Thursday nights, at the HOTTEST Nightclub on Bourbon Street in New Orleans known as Oz. This contest is called CALENDAR BOY. All proceeds from the sale of the calendars are donated to NO/AIDS TASK FORCE to be used in the fight against AIDS. Stephanie is at her best on Thursday nights as she walks up to some beefy, hunky stud and says "Hey,cutie, would you like to win $700?",then she smiles and licks her lips. This is when you realize you're in for total unadulterated trailor trash guaranteed to make you laugh your ass off.

So when in New Orleans be sure to check Stephanie at Oz at 800 Bourbon Street in the Heart of the French Quarter.

Or maybe you'll see her around the country....and we don't mean Green Acres.

Ta Ta...hope to hear from you!

Stephanie Williams

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